Collegiate Transition

The life of a new grad is an exciting time of transition that usually includes a new job, new responsibilities and, sometimes, even a new city. It’s all a time of financial transition as those responsibilities require money that isn’t always very abundant for a new grad. Many graduates have also accumulated significant debt along the way.

The Phi Beta Sigma Louisville Alumni Chapter recognize this, along with the fact that most recent grads do not immediately join an alumni chapter. This could be because of the tight funds, there’s no relationship to the alumni chapter (especially if moving to a new city), or joining a grad chapter just doesn’t seem like a priority. Alumni chapter life may not be a piece of the puzzle.

However, it is important that we connect our recent grads to alumni chapters. That gap in membership can lead to a disconnect for a long time, or that grad may never join a chapter. To remedy this, the Phi Beta Sigma Louisville Alumni Chapter has created the Collegiate Transition Program.


It’s Simple:

  • If you join the Epsilon Beta Sigma Alumni Chapter will waive chapter dues for the first years after graduation.
  • All a recent grad has to pay is national and regional dues.
  • For 2015, the Fraternity is also allowing recent grads to pay collegiate national and regional dues if they transition right into an alumni chapter.

Only Basic Requirement:

  • The brother MUST be an engaged member of the chapter and actively serve as an active participant on a working committee.


  • Year 1 – New grad brother pays national and regional dues – at a collegiate rate.
  • Year 2 – Brother pays national, regional and chapter dues only – at alumni rate.
  • Year 3 – Brother pays alumni national, regional and chapter dues.

Get Involved

  • If you are a new grad and would like to take part in the Collegiate Transition Program, please complete the form below for more information:
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